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Windows NT Workstation Professional Reference

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  • Discover and utilize the advanced features of Windows NT Workstation. Find out how Remote Registry and SNMP agents of Windows 95 and Windows NT can work to your advantage, discover how to effectively integrate Windows NT Workstation into both host and networked environments, master the latest features of Windows NT 4, such as Telephony APIs and DNS integration, build a solid understanding of Windows NT Workstation 4 as a networking client, including complete coverage of TCP/​IP, explore the ins and outs of implementing, troubleshooting, and administering a Windows NT Workstation - in detail, learn how to set up an Intranet and effectively use Windows NT Workstation as an Internet server, customize your workspace, configure hardware, and create personalized profiles, and take a valuable look ahead at the future of Windows NT and the new Directory Services features.


  • Pt. I. Windows NT Workstation - an Orientation
  • Pt. II. Managing Windows NT Workstation
  • Pt. III. Networking with Windows NT Workstation
  • Pt. IV. Windows NT Workstation Communications Tools
  • Pt. V. NT Workstation 4 and the Microsoft Internet Strategy
  • Pt. VI. Security and Protection Issues
  • Pt. VII. Advanced Administration
  • Pt. VIII. Appendices.
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