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Irwin Shaw - Two weeks in another town

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Irwin Shaw - Two weeks in another town
Irwin Shaw...the author of The Young lions
A Signet Book: Complete and Unabridged
First Printing, 1961, A Signet Book / The New American Library
349 pag.
Wat ouderdomsvlekjes/vergeeld, klein stukje van de rug geplakt
Teab (aub bieden excl. de eventuele porto)

"When in Rome.
A beautiful Italian girl.. a one-time movie idol turned NATO diplomat... a violent, talented young American writer...a once-famous film director - all come together in Rome in an attempt to slavage a movie and to excape the demands of lives they are afraid to face.
In his latest major novel, Irwin Shaw probes the tangled motives and twisted emotions of an American movie colony - the new international set - as they frenetically dedicate themselves to the pursuit of art, wealth, and sex." Reageer nu!


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