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Basics of Financial Management

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Study book, written in English. Can be used for a lot of different studies.


It covers all topics that are relevant for the professional field where basic knowledge of financial management suffices, but is also suitable for students wishing to subswquently undertake a more in-depth follow-up study. This book is the international edition of Basisboek Bedrijfseconomie, a bestseller in Dutch Higher Education.


The study material is presented in such a way that students are able to master the theory independently. To aid self-study, numerous practical examples and tests have been included in the text. To illustrate the practical relevance, newspaper cuttings and excerpts from annual reports are included. Each chapter is concluded with a terminology list, multiple-choice questions and excercises.


The book is split into four parts:

- Businesses and their role in the economy. This part discusses the characteristics of businesses, their activities and their legal forms.

- Finance. This part is concerned with determining the quantity of capital required by a business and the means of providing the capital.

- Management accounting. This part focuses on the process of providing mainly financial information to managers, who use this information for a variety of decision-making purposes.

- Financial accounting. This part highlights the provision of financial information to external parties by means of the annual report.

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