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Automobile Quarterly Volume 4 (1978)

Prijs: Tegen elk aannemelijk bod

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Automobile Quarterly is a hardbound, advertising-free periodical publication that started in Spring 1962 with the sub-title "The Connoisseur's Magazine of Motoring Today, Yesterday, and Tomorrow" or in the words of the founder—"a cross between The New Yorker and Encyclopaedia Britannica in the world of auto mania".

The founder and first editor was L. Scott Bailey (September 4, 1924 to June 26, 2012), working from offices in New York City. In 1963, an "office of publication" was opened in Kutztown, Pennsylvania, which operated first as Automobile Quarterly, Inc.

Bailey retired to live in the English Cotswolds and CBS Magazines purchased Automobile Quarterly in 1986 selling the magazine to Kutztown Publishing in 1988.] In October 2000, Kutztown Publishing was sold to a newly formed company, Automobile Heritage Publishing & Communications, LLC, and relocated to New Albany, Indiana.

The publication has been well known for quality writing and photography about automobiles, personalities and related subjects.

So far, vol. 52 (1) has been the last issue. Although the AQ website is still online, there are severe doubts regarding further publications


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