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The future of the coach of the future

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The Future of the Coach of the future



By  Luc Glorieux  1999


This book is all about coaches, marketing, creative thinking and the future. This future stands every chance of being a very bright one, on condition the industrie manages to offer fully-fleged group tourism and to adjust more swiftly to constantly changing market developments. In doing so, the industry should fully capitalise on the unsuspected range of possibillities the coach has to offer as a medium.

Over the past quarter of a century of Busworld, the Kortrijk based European Bus and Coach Fair and the European Coach Weeks that followed on form yhis, as well as some tenmarket surveys and numerous training courses and seminars, new concepts and formulas were developed.

These concepts and various other theories are brought together in this book, into a remarkable professional doctrine in which the author propounds nothing that has not been treid and tested at grass roots level.


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