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You and Your Jeep Cherokee / Haynes

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You and Your Jeep Cherokee Buing,Enjoying, Maintaining, Modifying



In 1993, the Jeep Cherokee became the first volume production vehicle to be built in RHD for export to the UK by any North American car manufacturer. It's attack on the established – and very healthy – recreational 4WD market was brave to say the least. It was also slightly ironic, as the market leader was Land Rover, a company whose first product was based very much on the wartime Jeeps. The Cherokee was a huge seller from the off, so much so that a year after its introduction, used models were selling for new prices! Since then there's been a brand new Cherokee model and its bigger brother entered the fray, the Grand Cherokee clearly being aimed at the existing Range Rover market for large and luxurious off-roaders.

This book traces the history of the Cherokee Series

1 and 2 and Grand Cherokee, including a taster of the new Grand launched in 2005. There's advice on what to buy and how to buy it, along with pointers on how to keep your 'Cherry' in top condition. And, of course, there's plenty of off-roading, because that's what all Cherokees do so well. An essential guide to Cherokee ownership, regardless of how you use it.

Covers Liberty models sold in the USA from 2001


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