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Sally Worboyes : Docker's daughter

Prijs: Tegen elk aannemelijk bod

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Sally Worboyes : Docker's daughter

paperback, als nieuw

1962 - Young Kay is determined to break away from her tough background and the emerging villains within her age group. A job in the City seems the perfect answer until Kay risks it all by forging her passport form, lured by Spain and her first taste of sun, sand and sex. Her foolishness becomes more serious when she finds herself accused of theft as wel...

While her dad, Jack, is busy spear-heading the great dock strike against the employment of scab labour, Kay samples the high life - fashionable restaurants, theatre, cinema, drugs and drink. A new future seems to beckon her to a posher part of London and a smarter circle of friends, leavind the tough and often violent East End behind. But when Zacchi, the gypse boyfriend of her past, reappears, Kay realises she must choose between hi! m and her ! new 'fast' friends.--- Reageer nu!


( Particulier )
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(Zuid-Holland, Nederland)


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