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Dick Francis – Second Wind

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Dick Francis – Second Wind


PAN Macmillan, London, 2007, paperback, 312 pages


For a few precious seconds, the shrieking wind dies down and the colossal waves lie flat. Airborne in the heart of the storm, TV weather forecaster Perry Stuart braces himself for impact. Then suddenly all is blackness as the small aircraft plunges out of control…


It takes a truly frightening accident for Stuart to discover the secret of Trox Island –and plenty of things about the human race that he would rather he didn’t know. He came as a half-drowned hurricane victim Lucky to be spared from the ocean. He left with information that would bring down an evil worldwide conspiracy –if they didn’t kill him first…


From the twisting, spiralling centre of a full-blown tropical storm to deadly threat and danger on the world’s greatest racecourses, Dick Francis’s fortieth thriller is a hurrican-force masterpiece.


Slight creasing on spine, some wear to top and bottom of spine, otherwise in fine condition.


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