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Brunei Darus Salam Fotoboek

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Fotoboek - Brunei Darus Salam.
A pictorial review of the land and people.
Brunei is a Muslim Sultanate, 2.226 square miles
in area, nestling on the noth-western coast of
Borneo. Borneo itself, a colossal island in the
South China Sea, has only recently shrugged
off its cloak of mystery. Formany ignorant of the
changes in the Far East it is still the
"Land below the wind".

The Land of longhouses, turbulent rivers, White
Rajahs and impenetrable jungles.
Brunei was remote in Borneo even as Borneo
was remote from the rest of the world.

TodayBrunei is progressing rapidly.
Development schemes, educational programmes
and industrial projects have been undertaken
to catch up with the modern world.

Brunei is distinguished bu two important
features its long history as an independent
Muslim Sultanate, and its material interest
to the rest of the world as a rich source of oil.

This book is an attempt to present a 
wide-angled view of modern Brunei. 
It is for the new visitor to wander through,
to catch glimpses of a fascinating land, 
of gently courrtly people, their wy of life,
their royal family, mosques in magnificence,
and the exciting evidence of a newly
emerging State in South East Asia. 

Fotoboek - Brunei Darus Salam.
Brunei 1968, Shell Petroleum Co LTD.

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Hardcover, gebonden.
Formaat: 31,5 x 23,2 cm.
117 pagina's.

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