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Alistair MacLean - the way to dusty death.

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Alistair MacLean - the way to dusty death.

Uitg. Fontana, isbn 9780006151357 / pocket 12e dr. 1981, Lichte verkleuring boekblok.

Johnny Harlow seems to have it all: he*s good looking, desired by women, and envied by men; he*s also the reigning formula one world champion, the poster-boy for the world*s most thrilling and richly financed sport. But a recent devastating accident has driven him to drink. And now his beloved sport is changing: too many things are going wrong in too many races. And when johnny is the apparent cause of the latest accident, he decides the time has come to sort things out. But what he finds has nothing to do with cars, and some people will do anything to prevent him from discovering the truth!

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