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Barbara Cartland - The complacent wife.

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Barbara Cartland - The complacent wife.

Pyramid Books / 9780515032383 paperback, 1974, net en goed. Engelstalig.

The handsome Earl of Droxford relished all the privileges of being wealthy, and a bachelor. Now, because of King William's decree, he must be married within a month. "Find me a wife, " he told his beautiful mistress. " A complacent, conformable wife who will not interfere in my affairs!"
For bewitching, green-eyed Karina, it was a chance to escape from poverty and hardship, and she offered herself as the docile bride! So they made their loveless marriage vows - the Earl and the enchanting country girl. But in fashionable London Karina broke her promise to be complacent. She had fallen impossibly in love!

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