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Boats and boatmen - Lethbridge

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Hardcover met beschadigde stofomslag, uitgave jaren '50, 199 blz. met tekeningetjes en zwart/wit afbeeldingen. Engelstalig. Naam op schutblad. Schutbladen zijn ietwat vlekkerig. Verder in goede en nette staat. Verzendkosten Nederland (3,90) zijn voor de koper. (Verzendkosten België 6,50 euro)

Ondertitel: The past en the present.

In writing this engrossing account of boats and boatmen of the West with its wealth of fascinating detail, the author has never lost sight of the historical background. He describes in a lively and straightforward manner, not only boats and their gear, with the life and outlook of the men who build and embark in them, but also the magical and religious ideas that underlie surviving nautical customs.
The history of boats is almost as old as the history of man; yet in basic design they have changed little down the centuries. The shape of a boat is the result not only of local conditions, but also of a long and proud tradition; and the men who put to sea in them, whether in search of fish, trade or adventure, form an integral part of the complex pattern of sea-faring.
A wide experience of sailing in remote waters - his favourite hobby - coupled with an intimate knowledge of archaeology, which has been his life study, admirably qualify T.C. Lethbridge to write this story.
This is a book which should be read by all who have felt the call of the sea. Its value is enhanced by a large number of attractive pen drawings by the author, and several gravure plates.

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