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Clone - Gina Kolata

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Hardcover gebonden met stofomslag, uitgave 1999, 276 blz. Engelstalig. Boek is in goede staat. Verzendkosten Nederland (3,90 euro) zijn voor de koper. (Verzendkosten België 6,50 euro)

Ondertitel: The road to Dolly and the path ahead.

The birth of Dolly - the world's first clone - literally placed in our hands the secret of creation. Few discoveries have so challenged our sense of identity or presented such a complex knot of pressing ethical, spiritual, and scientific dilemmas. Science journalist Gina Kolata, the first reporter to speak with Dr. Ian Wilmut, the embryologist who cloned Dolly, has had unprecedented access to key scientists, ethicists, and experts at the center of the event. In this book, she reveals the story behind Dolly - reaching back to our earliest attempts to clone, uncovering the startling, largely unreported events that led to Dolly's birth, and exploring the mind-boggling questions that Dolly presents for our future.


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