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Craig Thomas - a hooded crow

Prijs: Tegen elk aannemelijk bod

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Craig Thomas - a hooded crow
1993, Fontana
428 pag., isbn 0 00 647174 9
wat kreukjes in de kaft, enkele pagina's met ezelsoortje
Prijs: teab (bieden excl. de eventuele porto aub)

"Who is smuggling the latest British high  technology out of the country? Patrick Hyde, Sir Kenneth Aubrey's best agent, is sure he knows, but no one will believe him...
Deep in the Mamibian bush, a reclusive game warden stumbles upon a crashed Dakota plane. Inside he finds electronic hardware and a corpse bearing a KGB identity card...
Weary and ill, Sir Kenneth is reluctantly drawn into hyde's investigation. He soon realizes that something far more sinister than high technology is on its way to a South Africa in turmoil. From Moscow to Londen, fromVenice to Johannesburg, they prusue a network of double agent, amoral businessmen and mercenaries to a shattering climax in the wastelands of Namibia - the killing ground."


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