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Gerald seymour : at close quarters.

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Gerald seymour : at close quarters.

Fontana paperback, 9780006176169 / 420 pag. In goede staat.

The beqa*a valley in east lebanon is home for many of the most revolutionary groups of the palestinian guerilla war against israel, a dangerous, closed valley to which unauthorised access is virtually impossible, where capture by the syrian army results in torture and death. Holt, a diplomat, and noah crane, israeli master-sniper, mentor and guide, plan to walk by night into the noose of the valley*s fortificaitons to find one man. Holt alone can identify him, the subject of an act of vengeance by the british, and a display of their strength in the face of terrorism. To israeli intelligence it is a mission of suicidal folly. Holt and crane are far into the beqa*a, out of reach, unrecoverable, when their cover is blown and syrian intelligence alerted to their approach.

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