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Janet Dailey : Rivals

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Janet Dailey : Rivals

Sphere Books, paperback

They had everything to fight for - and too much to lose...

Flame Bennet is a woman of contrasts; as fiery as her copper-red hair, yet as cool as her clear green eyes. Ambitious, successful and sought-after, she moves in the most glittering SanFrancisco circles. Ans she is looking for love...

Chance Stuart, multimillionaire real estate magnate, has come a long way from an unhappy, poverty-stricken childhood. His dark good looks, electric blue eyes and devastating charm have made him supremely sure of himself. And now he is sure of his love for Flame. The attraction between them is immediate and intense...

Their passion deepens and develops - and then erupts into a white-hot hatred. For Flame and Chance are th unknowing inheritors of a vicious family feud; a ! quarrel that spans ! ! a continent and stretches back for a century. They are the heirs of a turbulent story of intrigue and betrayal, of a history that is about to repeat itself. Locked into a deadly battle of wills, they are destined to become the bitterest of Rivals.


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