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Joanna Campbell : the Caitlin love trilogy.

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Joanna Campbell : the Caitlin love trilogy.

written by Joanna Campbell, created by Francine Pascal*.

uitg. Bantam Books, pocket.

- loving*
Caitlin Ryan, the stubborn, raven-haired beauty, is determined to win Jed Michaels from his girlfriend one way or another. But a terrible tragedy occurs which has such far-reaching consequences that not even Caitlin can deal with them...

- love lost.
On the night of the Highgate Prom, Jed discovers Caitlin's secret, the lie she's been living since the accident that crippled Ian Foster and forced Diana Chasen to leave Highgate. She has to save Diana, or she can never save herself - or ever face Jed again.

- true love.
Even with kind, handsome Laurence Baxter by her side, Caitlin can't forget Jed, who has ref used to see her since he discovered he r terrible secret. It takes another tragedy for Caitlin to find peace at home and to finally discover which boy holds the key to true love.

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