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Josephine Cox : rainbow days

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Josephine Cox : rainbow days

Headline pocket, 2000, 435 pag. in goede staat.

'You're everything to me. I would have to lose my life before I'd lose you.'

This is the vow Silas makes to Cathleen on the day he asks her to marry him. Throughout their childhood, their love for each other has grown stronger and now, in 1900, they start to plan a life together. But a jealous woman is determined to ruin their happiness and uses Silas's father - a good and honest man - to do so, forcing him to make a terrible sacrifice. As a dutiful son, Silas has no choice but to obey his father, and Cathleen must pay the bitter price. Separated, each is swept along to a place wher it seems there is no love or peace and no way back...


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