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Kate Harrison : Brown Owl's Guide to Life CHICKLIT

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Kate Harrison : Brown Owl's Guide to Life CHICKLIT
Orion paperback 2006, 408 pag.
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Lucy Collins is used to being pushed around. For the first eighteen years of her life it was her mother who ruled the roost; now her husband, her seven-year-old daughter, and even the cat boss her about.
But her mother's death leaves Lucy an orphan at the age of thirty-five. She's devastated... but she's also free. As she sorts through her mother's house, Lucy discovers a trunk full of memories and childhood secrets. Three generations of her family were feisty Brown Owls, so could the old values and frontier spirit now hold the key to the changes Lucy needs in her own life? As she opens up her Brownie handbook for the first time in years, a few people will be in for a surpise when a new Lucy emerges...

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