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Madeleine Wickham (Kinsella) - The Gatecrasher.

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Madeleine Wickham (Kinsella) - The Gatecrasher.

Sophie Kinsella writing as Madeleine Wickham.

Black Swan / 9780552776721 2011, 347pp, paperback, rug scheef, verder schoon en net. Engelstalig.

Fleur is beautiful but lazy and, at forty, spends her life looking for rich men who can provide her and her teenage daughter with a glamorous and effortless existence. A daily trawl through the court pages of The Times provides her with an unusual but fertile search area - the funerals and memorial services of the great and good, where gatecrashers are so much less noticeable than they would be at a wedding or a christening.It is at one of these sad but oddly festive occasions that she meets Richard, dull but well-off, whose mousey wife has died after a lifetime of enjoyable ill-health. Before long Fleur has become an integral part of Richard's life, offending his friends, interfering in his leisure pursuits (golf bores her, so why should he spend so much time on it?) and stirring up his grown-up children to behave badly.

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