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Martina Cole - The take / engelstalig

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Martina Cole - The take / engelstalig

uitg. Headline, ISBN/EAN: 9780747269724 / paperback in zeer goede staat: bijna als nieuw.

Freddie Jackson thinks he owns the underworld when he gets out of prison. He's done his time, made the right connections, and now he's ready to use them. His wife Jackie just wants her husband home, but she's forgotten the rows, the violence, and the girls Freddie can't leave alone. Bitter, resentful, and increasingly unstable, Jackie watches her life crumble while her little sister Maggie's star rises. In love with Freddie's cousin Jimmy, Maggie is determined not to end up like her sister. Families should stick together, but behind closed doors, jealousy and betrayal can fester until everyone's life is infected. And for the Jacksons, loyalty cannot win out. Because in their world you can trust no one. In their world everyone is on the take. Highly acclaimed for her hard-hitting, uncompromising and haunting writing, as well as her phenomenal No. 1 bestselling success, Martina Cole is the only author who dares to tell it like it is.

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