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Me & My Plant (The secret to a blossoming relationship)

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Hardcover gebonden, uitgave 2010, 144 blz. in kleur. Engelstalig. Boekje is in goede en nette staat. Verzendkosten Nederland (4 euro) zijn voor de koper. [D35]

In six chapters, the My & My Plant covers the six phases that a love relationship usually goes through: from falling in love to growing old together. After the first butterflies, we learn how to find the right spot and pot for our green friend and the effect that green spaces have on people. Of course, we don’t live for our plants, we live with our plants and we sometimes need some time for ourselves. In the third chapter we find some very useful holiday survival tips and some geeky tools from around the web to keep track of our plants.Chapter 4 is a fun one: it’s called New Life, which means propagation, spoiling your plant and some groovy playlists for your plants! Did you know that some plants also absorb noise? Or that there are actual Plant Whisperers? The last chapter is the most poetic one: After being together for so many years, nothing can drive you apart or make you disheartened. Side by side, you battle on – because even though things don’t go as smoothly as before, the love still remains. And if it really is over then at least there’s always the book full of memories.
Overall, Me and My Plant is very complete guidebook with lots of hands-on tips to improve your life with plants. We love the quirky illustrations (by Maaike Kuiper) and the modern twist on subjects that we can find in all traditional botanical books, like watering, propagation and repotting. It’s the perfect book for any Urban Jungle Blogger, whether you want to find out which plant would best fit your lifestyle or want to learn more about what plants actually do for you.

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