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Norman Hartley - The viking process

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Norman Hartley - The viking process
1976, Fontana Books/Collins
223 pag., isbn 0 00 614537 x
Prijs: teab (bieden excl. de eventuele porto aub)

"Armed with technology's most sophisticated weapons, led bij men of ruthless genius, they unleash a programme of coldly calculated terror against international big business. Their contempt for their victims, their fanatic dedication and their lavish financial resources make the Vikings unstoppable.
But at least one victim is determined to try. Philip Russell, the Vikings' unwilling advisor on the techniques of terrorism, knows that if he rebels his beautiful wife Julia will die - slowly and painfully. But he also knows that if their campaign of blackmail and murder is not stopped soon it wil be too late - for him, for Julia, for thousands of innocent people..."

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