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Vikram Chandra - Red Earth and Pouring Rain (ENGELSTALIG)

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Vikram Chandra - Red Earth and Pouring Rain (ENGELSTALIG)
(Little, Brown and Company)
ISBN 0316132764
1e druk 1995
542 pp hardcover gebonden grootformaat met stofomslag
Staat van het boek: 10.0

Combining Indian myths, epic history, and the story of three college kids in search of America, a narrative includes the monkey's story of an Indian poet and warrior and an American road novel of college students driving cross-country.

The gods of poetry and death descend on a house in India to vie for the soul of a wounded monkey. A bargain is struck: the monkey must tell a story, and if he can keep his audience entertained, he shall live. The result is Red Earth and Pouring Rain, Vikram Chandra's astonishing, vibrant novel. Interweaving tales of nineteenth-century India with modern America, it stands in the tradition of The Thousand and One Nights, a work of vivid imagination and a celebration of the power of storytelling itself.

'A dazzling first novel written with such originality and intensity as to be not merely drawing on myth but making it.' Sunday Times

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