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Will Self - Liver (ENGELSTALIG)

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Will Self - Liver (ENGELSTALIG)
ISBN 9780140290578
uitgave uit 2009
276 pp paperback
(rug iets scheef, pp licht verkleurd, verder goed)
Staat van het boek: 7.0-7.5

These remarkable new pieces from Will Self each feature the largest of our internal organs: the liver, in varying states of disease and decay. In 'Foie Humane' we go inside a Soho drinking club, the denizens of which live in a highly stylised yet emotionally dead state of excess. 'Prometheus' tells the story of a dazzlingly successful advertising copywriter who can sell anything to anyone at any time. But things go wrong when he meets Zeus, a bigshot entrepreneur with a beautiful and manipulative wife. Tony Phillips's subterranean Kensington flat is the setting for 'Birdy Num Num,' where obsessives spend their days in a crepuscular realm of cocaine and heroin. Finally, in 'Leberknodel', a terminal liver cancer patient travels to Zurich to commit assisted suicide. When she arrives, however, the cancer mysteriously goes into remission. 

Prijs €4,50 (verzendkosten €3,64)
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