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Wormwood | G P Taylor

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Wormwood | G P Taylor

ISBN/EAN: 9780571221509 Faber and Faber, paperback, bijna als nieuw.

It is London, 1756. In his Bloomsbury attic sits Dr Sabian Blake - astronomer, scientist, and master of the Cabala. Dr Blake is in possession of the Nemorensis, an ancient leather-bound book that holds the secrets of the universe. Scribbled into one of its margins is a mysterious prophecy, and deciphering it could prove the key to saving London from a catastrophic fate. But there are others interested in the Nemorensis too, for more sinister reasons...This tale of sorcery, treachery, intrigue and supernatural strife form the author of the international bestseller Shadow Mancer is set against a rich historical backdrop and will enthral readers to the very last page.

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