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BONSAI for BEGINNERS - Taisuke Ooshima & John Stallings - Als Nieuw!

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Taisuke Ooshima & John Stallings. BONSAI FOR BEGINNERS - Your Daily Guide dor Bonsai Tree Care, Selection, Growing, Tools and Fundamental Bonsai Basics, 72 blz., geillustreerd, pb ca. 23x15.5 cm., gedrukt in de United States of America, 1e druk by Taysuke Ooshima & John Stalling, 2013. In het Engels. Kzw4. Als Nieuw!


Samenvatting: If you want to know how to grow Bonsai trees, how to choose them, how to take proper care of them, what tools you need and all the essential basics you need as a beginner, you’ve found the right book.

The Bonsai for Beginners Book: Your Daily Guide for Bonsai Tree Care, Selection, Growing, Tools and Fundamental Bonsai Basics will take you on a journey where you will discover the secrets behind Bonsai tree selection, caring and growing. Everything you need to know in order to see your bonsai tree flourish is included inside.

Both Taisuke Ooshima and John Stallings have been growing bonsai trees for many years and taught lots of people the essential basics and advanced techniques for caring and growing these beautiful plants.

All their knowledge is included in this book, and nothing was left uncovered.

If you are serious about growing a Bonsai tree and taking care of it the right way, then this is the right choice you can make right now.

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