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Sharks - Stevens, Pyrzakowski

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Grote hardcover met licht beschadigde stofomslag, uitgave 1989, 240 blz. boordevol kleurenfoto's. Engelstalig. Boek is in goede en nette staat. Verzendkosten Nederland (3,90 euro) zijn voor de koper. (Verzendkosten België 6,50 euro)

Sharks are perhaps the least understood creatures in the animal kingdom. Objects of fear and fascination, they have inspired a complete mythology and a daunting array of misconceptions.
This book aims to set the record straight. Written by some of the world's leading experts, and global in its scope, it presents a balanced and comprehensive survey of sharks, their habits and habitats. Topics range from the evolution, biology and behaviour of sharks to an examination of their commercial uses and ways by which they can be repelled. There are chapters on the patterns of shark attack in specific regions. Myth an reality confront eacht other as the latest research finding are examined along with the traditional myths and misconceptions about these marine creatures.
This enlightening and informative text is supported by an array of magnificent photographs, illustrations, diagrams and maps, all carefully researched and prepared to bring to life the extraordinary world of the shark.

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