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The Salvage of the Kursk

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The Salvage of the Kursk

Between May 18 and October 23 2001, the eyes of the world were focused on an extraordinary project carried out by two Dutch companies, Mammoet and SMIT; the salvage of the Kursk.
This nuclear submarine, which sank following an explosion in August 2000, lay in 108 meters of water at the bottom of the Barents Sea with the bodies of more than 100 men and a substantial part of its weaponry still onboard. The location and adverse weather made this an exceptionally complex project.
Numerous innovations were needed to overcome the many problems. Raising the 'Kursk' became a story of technological ingenuity, perseverance and courage in a fight against time and the elements.

This book is a document of the succesful operation, and also a 'monument' to the specialists from many countries that helped raise the 'Kursk' and not least to the 'Kursk' itself and its crew.


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