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Dawn Wakes in the East

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Dawn Wakes in the East.
Tekst: engels.

125 kleurenfoto's en 85 foto's in zwart/wit.
Audrey Topping China.
Dawn Wakes in the East is
a glowing photographic record 
of the Old China she revisited, 
the New China she discovered.

Here are such legendary subjects as the Grest Wall 
and the Ming Tombs- the imperial treasures in
the ForbiddenCity of Pekingand the 
ancient temples of Hangchow.
In startling juxtaposition are uncensored vieuws of
everyday life in the People's Republic of China
in the homes, schools and farms of the communes;

the streets, shops and factotries of the cities- with
inimate of such political leaders 
as Premier Chou En-lai.
Her accompanying text opens up, with sympathy 
and candor, a world too long shut off from the 
West by a wall of warring ideologies, 

fear and distrust- a world here s tunningly
reinterpreted as a new dawn waking in the East.
Dawn Wakes in the East.
Audrey Topping.
(in memory of Inga Marie Horte Ronning, my mother)
More than 125 full-color 
and 85 black-and-white photographs.

Hardcover, rood linnen met goudopdruk + omslag
Publishers 1973, HARPER & ROW, New York,
Evanston, San Francisco, London.
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