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Melbourne Australia A Way of Life

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Melbourne Australia - A Way of Life.
English Edition.
Welcome to our 'Way of Life' Melbourne book. 
In this production we have tried to bring you some interesting
of the 'real' Melbourne by using our 'Way of Life' theme.
We have attempted to capture with camera, 
pen and a lot of feeling numerous features 
which are so often overlooked.
From Melbourne's early history, gardens, Yarra River,
trams and tree-lined streets, we moved through such 
areas as housing, education, migrant assimilation,
industry, art, sport etc. simply by talking to 
and following the man in the street as we went.
This book has also been produced
in German, Greek, Italian and Japanese.
The cosmopolitan flavour of the city made this a necessity.
At Taurus averybody has enjoyed this project immensely.
We hope that you as a visitor or recepient of our book have
the same pleasure... as Melbourne really is a wonderful city.
Melbourne Australia - A Way of Life.
Taurus publishing Compagny 1979, Pty Ltd Melbourne.
ISBN 0-9595466-0-X, Rijk Geïllustreerd in kleur.
Hardcover met omslag. - 129 pagina's.
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