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Pennine rails and trails

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In prima staat - Pennine rails and trails.
Exploring Calderdale and Rochdale by train 
and foot. By John Morrison and Lydia 
Speakman. With a foreword by
Mike Harding. The RAILTRAIL series.
In this book have been inspired by the rich 
historic associations of the Calder Valley 
route through the Pennines, and John 
MorrisonandLydia Speakman paint a vivid 
picture of the area's fascinating sights.
The valley has provided a route hrough the 
hills from Roman tomes.
This continuing role is celebrated by the 
150th anniversaries in 1990 and '91 of some
of the impressive structures on what was
the first railway to link Manchester 
and the es Riding of Yorkshire.
Tody the line provides the ideal means to
reach the heart of the area,and John 
Morrisson's superbphotographs will 
inspire armchair readers to jump
on a train and get out walking!
Pennine rails and trails.
Softcover - Geïllustreerd - Very good.
Uitg. 1990, Leading Edge publishing.
ISBN 0-948135-21-2
144 pagina's.
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