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J. Barthelémy Saint-Hilaire - The Buddha and His Religion (ENGELSTALIG)

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J. Barthelémy Saint-Hilaire - The Buddha and His Religion (ENGELSTALIG)
ISBN 1851705406
uitgave uit 1998
384 pp paperback
(bladsneden verkleurd, verder goed!)
Staat van het boek: 8.0

First published in 1914, this is a fascinating investigation of the origins of Buddhism, drawing on a wealth of evidence relating to the life and teachings of the Buddha. First considering how the study of the Buddhist doctrine can be used to critique religious systems such as Christianity, Barthelemy Saint-Hilaire proceeds to discuss Buddhism at three different periods of its history: the life and legend of the Buddha as demonstrated within canonical works, Buddhism in India during the seventh century, and finally, Buddhism in Sri Lanka (formally Ceylon') at the start of the twentieth century. Principally a philosophical study surrounding the origins and principles of Buddhism, this reissue will be of particular value to students researching contemporary perceptions of the Buddhist faith.

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