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Sacred journey - David Howard

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Paperback, uitgave 2004, 223 blz. boordevol kleurenfoto's. Engelstalig. Boek is in goede staat. Verzendkosten Nederland (3,90 euro) zijn voor de koper. (Verzendkosten België 6,50 euro)

Ondertitel: The Ganges to the Himalayas.

Howard illustrates with color photographs his physical and spiritual journey from his home in San Francisco through India and Nepal to the Himalayas. The 674 images show his interaction with the culture and ritual of holy men, mystics, monks, and farm and village people, including a Sadhu who sat in a circle of cow dung for 17 years and a child vendor who sold H.I.V. cures in Patan. The photos are often arranged in montages on black pages with captions in white text?a few of the pages look straight out of an NGO calendar, but most are artistic portrayals of people who needed much coaxing before they would be photographed.

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