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Explaining the unexplained - Eysenck, Sargent

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Hardcover met stofomslag, uitgave 1982, 192 blz. met kleuren en zwart/wit foto's. Engelstalig. Boek is in goede staat. Verzendkosten Nederland (4,10 euro) zijn voor de koper. Verzendkosten België 8 euro. [353]

Reports of apparitions, telepathy, precognition and similarly strange phenomena have been rife since antiquity. What are we to make of them? The temptation is to dismiss the seemingly inexplicable as the exaggerated fantasies of the credulous. Science has made such staggering advances in explaining the Universe, that paranormal events - those that seem to contradict known scientific laws - tend to appear all the more suspect.
Carl Sargent and Hans Eysenck - both highly respected scientists - argue that such dismissive attitude s are fundamentally not scientific. Where evidence for the paranormal exists, scientists have a responsibility to investigate and to evaluate it. For their own special field of investigation, the authors have marshalled the evidence for and against the existence of paranormal human abilities such as telepathy, clairvoyance, precognition and psychokinesis, all of which come under the general heading of 'psi'. As they convincingly demonstrate, the evidence for is very strong - strong enough in fact for parapsychologists to begin to frame new theories as to how and why psi abilities could work.
In Explaining the Unexplained, the authors examine poltergeists, the mystique and the powers of mediums and faith-healers and the effects of sensory deprivation, meditation and hypnosis on psi abilities. They also discuss significant findings concerning the effects of personality, sex differences and the environment on the way psi operates. Many of the scientific difficultie s connected with psi are now less daunting than ever before. In the light of the remarkable evidence produced here, it does indeed seem that science is really significantly nearer to explaining the unexplained.


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