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John Godber – Plays: 2

Prijs: Tegen elk aannemelijk bod

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John Godber – Plays: 2
Teechers ; Happy Jack ; September in the Rain ; Salt of the Earth
Publiced by Methuen Drama
280 pag., isbn 0 413 75820 6
Prijs: teab (bieden excl de eventuele porto aub)

"John Godber is one of the unsung heroes of British theatre, reaching the giddy heights of number three in the most-performed playwrights league table, nestled in behind Shakespeare and Ayckbourn" (Guardian)

Teechers: "In a class of its own ... Godber takes a hard-hitting look at life in a modern comprehensive where class conflicts, teacher tantrums and cavorting chaos runs riot through the corridors" (The Express)

Happy Jack: "Godber manages with an affectionate and unerringly accurate ear for the tongues of the pit village to turn these two into a Chaucerian kind of celebration of life. At the end of the line the play is a sad, bruised but richly comic love story" (Guardian)

September in the Rain: "The work of a genuinely talented playwright" (Evening Standard)

Salt of the Earth: "John Godber has a special gift for capturing the lives and inner turmoil of the working class ... In the most subtle and incisive ways, he suggests how the combination of innate personality and a changing society determines individual destiny" (Chicago Times)

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