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Goldman - Fanny Brice - the originial Funny Girl.

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Goldman - Fanny Brice - the originial Funny Girl.

Herbert G. Goldman.

Oxford University Press 1992; paperback, vouw in voorplat, strepen op snede onderkant.

Fanny Brice was arguably the greatest American stage comedienne and the first truly great torch singer. Best known today through the Broadway and Hollywood versions of Funny Girl, the vehicle that catapulted Barbara Streisand to super-stardom, her most famous role was as Baby Snooks' the incorrigible tot of network radio from 1936 to 1951'. This meticulously researched biography chronicles her entire stage career from childhood amateur shows to national fame. Full of colourful anecdote, it covers her personal life, including three broken marriages - one two a notorious gangster - and also includes four appendices detailing every aspect of her stage, film, radio, and recording careers.

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