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Mark Morris - Toady

Prijs: Tegen elk aannemelijk bod

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Mark Morris - Toady
'Welcome to the horror club'.
701 pag., 0 552 13632 8
Corgi edition, published 1990
kaft heeft beetje gebruikt uiterlijk
Prijs: teab (bieden excl de eventuele porto aub)

a world of werewolves and poltergeists, psychopaths and shape changers, the unquiet and the living dead... A fantasy world, of course, for Richard, Robin and Nigel, the club's members,are ordinary boys from ordinary families, who just happen to share a taste forthe macabre in films and videos, books and comics. An then they admit a fourthmember to their club - Toady, a far from ordinary boy. From the moment he luresthe others into a nerve-jangling seance in a house with a chilling reputation,their lives are blighted by worse horror than they have ever imagined.Terror stalks the familiar streets of a sleepy seaside town and waits to invadethe safest home. The pervasive stain of evil spreads like ripples on a pond,leaving a trail of sacrilege and death in its wake. One by one the members ofthe Horror Club are forced into a netherworld, halfway between illusion andreality. It is up to
the final member to fight alone against the evil the haveunleashed - until, in the final battle, he is joined by an unexspected ally...



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