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William Brandon – The American Heritage Book of Indians

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William Brandon – The American Heritage Book of Indians


Intruduction by John Fitzgerald Kennedy

A Laurel Edition

Dell, New York, 10th Dell printing, 1977, pocketbook, 384 pages.


“… the complete word on the American Indian from pre-history to the present.” – Columbus Digest.

“This book wil not erase a single shameful blo ton the record, but it will help this generation to understand a little better what the Indian was, and what he still is.” – New York World Telegram and Sun.


This is the first book to record the story of all Indians, as they affected each other, as they affected the white man – and as the white man, in turn, affected the Indian. As John F. Kennedy, 35th President of the United States, says in his introduction to this volume, “When we forget great contributors to our American History –when we neglect the heroic past of the American Indian- we therby weaken our own heritage. We need to remember the contributions our forefathers found here and from which they borrowed liberally.”


One reading fold in spine, dog-ear on right lower corner of cover and left upper corner of back cover,

trace of removed name on french titlepage, otherwise in good condition.


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